The legal services on offer include a level of specialisation that requires the constant production and drafting of regulations and a focus on the ever-growing uniqueness of clients’ needs. As a differentiating element, all the lawyers at our practice combine expertise in one or several fields of law and they have knowledge and experience within the area of private law that allows them to analyse situations from a perspective that transcends the specific case in question.

Civil law

Legal relationships between private persons; contracts; property law, easements, usufructs; rights of consumers and users.

Corporate and commercial law

Commercial transactions, distribution contracts, agency contracts, services contracts; corporate operations, shareholder and parasocial agreements; family protocols and agreements.

Public law

Administrative sanctions law; authorisations, licences and concessions; immigration and residence; social security; para-public organisations.

Banking and finance law

Banking and insurance contracts; governing regulations in banking and financial services (cross-border services); authorizations for establishing and amending the activities of entities in the financial system; investment schemes (UCIs and SICAVs).

Labour law

Job recruitment procedures; adapting to regulations for all aspects resulting from employment relations, disciplinary measures, redundancy plans; collective bargaining.

Tax law

Personal and corporate taxation; tax residence; taxation of real estate operations; indirect taxation.

Criminal law

Defending actions within the area of criminal procedure.

Family law

Marriage law; prenuptial agreements; amendments to capacity; parentage and adoption.

Inheritance law

Wills and codicils; pre-nuptial agreements; inheritance planning.

Public procurement law

Intervention in administrative procedures for public procurement.

Urban planning and construction law and real estate law

Urban planning, urban management, town planning discipline regulations; project lease agreements, services contracts, agency contracts, commission contracts; real estate transactions; horizontal property; condominium regulations.

Procedural law and litigation

Defending clients before the Andorran courts in all kinds of contentious, voluntary jurisdiction or arbitration proceedings.

Data protection law

Processes for adapting to regulations, privacy and personal image rights, proper use of electronic storage devices.

Industrial, commercial and intellectual property rights and copyright

Protecting copyright, domain names, patents and trademarks.

Information technology law and e-confidence services

E-commerce, electronic signatures, e-seals, electronic time stamps, electronic documents, adapting websites to regulations.

Corporate finance

Processes for company restructurings, mergers, spin-offs, takeovers.

Foreign investment

Authorisation to invest in companies, real estate and other forms of investment by foreign capital.